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So long, and thanks for all the bread! (no ducks)

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The ducks have disappeared from my park! Actually, they have never been there (I think) but just noticed it. The scenario was made in the scenario editor (in OpenRCT2), I added some custom scenery, but for the rest, I can not see anything strange about my park, and there is quite some water in my park. Does anyone know how this could have happened? And mostly, how I bring them back?

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https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/blob/d1745c0738ad17b77adeda3c433450197bd24c9d/src/scenario.c#L588if (month <= MONTH_APRIL && (sint32)water_type != -1 && water_type->var_0E & 1) {So... It has to be april or earlier (so March and April, since Feb and Jan don't exist ingame), there has to be water on the map and... I'm not sure what var_0E means (it checks if var_0E is 1, but it doesn't get used anywhere in the decompiled code)

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Nice how you can search the code like that. I did notice some ducks now, really strange... But only in a small pool and not in my big lake. Still strange. I know you just cited the code, but could it have something to do with the scenery? (the small pool they DID appear in, is one of the only bodies of water without scenery). I'm happy the ducks are not completely avoiding my park. :P Anyway, thanks! :)

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Could be, but I doubt it though, and since it's not being used anywhere in the decompiled code we can't tell for sure. I don't think the water colours are hardcoded anywhere, they are pallets that are in your objdata folder. You can even have custom pallets in the folder that the game can use.

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