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Downhill Brake Pieces


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On 22/05/2023 at 23:52, vinesco said:

Joined the forum to suggest this very thing. If we can put chain lift on any piece them we should be able to have brakes on any piece. Seems like an easy add. Here to keep this idea alive. 


Chain lifts are not a separate track piece but a flag, so they can be enabled on any track piece. Brakes though are a special track piece, we can add more special track pieces for sloped brakes (which is very easy to do) but allowing brakes on every track piece would mean either adding a brake version of *every* track piece, or changing the way brakes work so they are a flag like chainlifts.

When the new save format was under development I wanted boosters and brakes to be made into a flag like the lifts, but with the save format we ended up with, very little space has been left for new flags (I can't remember if there's any space at all), so this isn't easy to do now (most of the space got taken up for a track type field that still can't actually be used). I now think it would be better just to add separate pieces for sloped and diagonal brakes and leave it at that - it would cover most uses, although there are applications for brakes on any track piece.

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Ok cool. I didnt mean to suggest it would be so easy. I would be just as happy, and i think alot of players would also be happy, if we only added the diagonal and downsloped pieces with brakes. Those would cover most players needs as you said. Thanks.

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