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"Invalid Download" issue from Launcher


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Hi folks,

I recently changed some security settings on my Windows machine (Windows 10), and ever since doing so I get an error from the game launcher that just says "Invalid Download." The game can launch fine, but when it does I can see the "Update Available" banner on the main menu. I really liked using the launcher to keep the game up to date automatically.

I've whitelisted the game and the launcher in my firewall settings (created new rules for inbound and outbound settings for both the game and launcher) and added it to the list of programs that are allowed to communicate through the firewall. Is there anything else I should be checking? Or is this maybe not even firewall related? Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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Similar issue. But I also cannot load parks. I get an error message saying a file is missing.             version 0.4.3 

I have resorted to just running 0.4.2 in the meantime. 

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