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Compilation of Parks Labeled "Extreme"


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I've called them extreme because they are more than they would've been "back in the day". Some cheats have been used, but all are pretty much as they should be.

I have been noticing that I'm reaching the scenario goal within the first few months, and with "early completion" enabled you can then just stuff around having fun.

Evergreen Gardens is still one of my least favourite due to it having all that pathing already there, so guests get lost very easily.

Dynamite Dunes is one of my favourites, mostly because there's no mowing required and there's so much potential.

My parks would rarely be considered "beautiful" because I go for the rides more than scenery.  :)

Side note - The ones with no vegetation showing still have it all, but I made it invisible so the rides could be seen better.  :)



Bumbly Beach 2022-12-11 08-15-53.png

Diamond Heights 2022-12-11 08-18-21.png

Dynamite Dunes 2022-12-11 08-17-28.png

Evergreen Gardens 2022-12-11 08-18-46.png

Forest Frontiers 2022-12-11 08-17-01.png

Leafy Lake 2022-12-11 08-17-55.png

Bumbly Beach -- Extreme.park Diamond Heights -- Extreme.park Dynamite Dunes -- Extreme.park Evergreen Gardens -- Extreme.park Forest Frontiers -- Extreme.park Leafy Lake -- Extreme.park

Trinity Islands 2022-12-12 11-04-30.png

Trinity Islands -- Extreme.park

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