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Sideways entrances, invisible paths?

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I'm unsure if this is a feature of the versions players here are using, but downloading the Dev versions off the project homepage I found the save file for one of the parks featured in the new title sequence, mci.sv6Within this save file I've found some interesting features, chief of them being:-The construction of entrances so that the guests enter and exit parallel to the station, or edge of the ride's footprint. -Invisible paths, to make more realistic station platforms (in conjunction with invisible entrances), or to use river rapids lift hill rollers as staircases (in conjunction with disabling clearance checks). I've been unable to figure out how it works.http://imgur.com/a/XaLvjThere is an imgur library of screenshots taken highlighting the features. Does anyone know how to replicate this?Thanks for reading. :)

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Click on ride > Colouring options > Entrace selection > Pick "No entrance"Then after that simply disable clearance, and you can build whatever you want on there, just don't block the path or mechanics can't repair the ride.There are two ways of making paths invisible. One is by using custom scenery, there is a path without sprites, another way is by using a Hex Editor and finding the paths, then flagging the tile they are on as 'no more objects' right before the path part, and it will not be draws while it still exists. A much more detailed post of how to do it can be found here.For entrances parallel to the track the same thing can be done, since the exit/entrace way is just a flag somewhere. By changing it you can rotate it.

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Alright, I just managed to get both of these things to work in a test park, here's a screenshot of them working:View imageIt took a while to figure out how it works, but it's quite easy. You'll have to edit the memory while the game is running (can be paused), and change the specific parts that determine which entrance type it is (apparently there are 4, one for each side). Then it's a matter of trial and error to get the right one.As for invisible paths you'll have to set a certain flag to FF to make the game not draw it, while it's actually still there. After that I placed rapid river stairs there with clearance checks disabled.I used this topic for guidance, however I did use Cheat Engine to edit the memory. WinHack doesn't seem to run on 64-bit machines at all, and Cheat Engine has a much clearer interface in my opinion.I'll probably keep playing around with it, but it'll take some time for me to get really familiar with it. Until then I'll not be able to make a good enough guide for it, since now it's still mostly trial-and-error.

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