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Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe?

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I have the latest build of OpenRCT2 (0.4.5) and purchased RCT Deluxe from GOG. Went to "RCT1 Installation" and nothing's working. I also installed the actual Deluxe game to my computer and literally nothing's working. I'm so furious and lost as to what I'm supposed to do at this point. There aren't even videos on YouTube telling you how to link the two games together. Everything's just showing up as empty folders and "No Items Match Your Search" and I'm literally at the point where I'm ready to snap my damn laptop in half. Please help!

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hey zach, i actually just did this for the first time (using the openrct2 launcher) and am glad to walk ya thru it. first you have to have RCT2 for openrct2 to work. linking RCT2 is done by clicking "options" and locating your "rct2 location". once that is done click okay, then play. once you're in the game is when you connect RCT:D or RCT. click "options" in the top right. then the last menu, the wrench with the screw, at the bottom of that menu is "path to rct1 installation", locate that. then you'll see there's some red text saying basically that you have to restart openrct2 for the changes to go into effect. so exit openrct2 and reopen it and rct1 should be working for ya! it's not really rct1 though, just the scenarios :) hope this helps!

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