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Marcel Vos

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I enjoy his videos and like his break-downs of various attributes and quirks of the game.  :) The latest of his videos I've watched was about the "level crossings" for the miniature railways. I already knew about this, but it was good to see his additional idiosyncrasies' that he had come across. It was also good to see that @Gymnasiast corrected his assumption of how long this had been in the game.  :)

Marcel Vos is obviously as passionate about the game as most here. We are all here with a variety of "takes" on the game. I personally,  am more about the design of rides than the aesthetics' of park design and layout, that is to say, how pretty people can make it.  :)

People have made some great looking landscapes and parks, but that's not the stuff that interests me, sure I sometimes put in bits and pieces of scenery after I've put in whatever coasters and rides I want, but that's all secondary. My guess would be that some would look at my parks and think they were very bland and uninteresting, and that's fine, all "should" be welcome to have their own opinions.

Enough rambling, it's Saturday night here in Melbourne, Australia. And for me, it's getting to bedtime.  :)  (Older people need sleep)

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Odd topic. I'll play.

One of the things that makes RCT playable for so many years and by so many people is the variety of ways there are to play. For me its always been a toybox - I enjoy building rides and the buildings, landscapes, etc. I've never seriously played a scenario and doubt I'd be very good at them. I would love to build parks like I see on some of the sites out there, but I'll never be competitive and at my current rate may never complete a project. But I'll enjoy my time working on half-finished ideas.

I'm blown away by the amount of work that goes into the H2H parks for example. There's often story lines with these, histories, and details within the park that can keep one digging for days. There's so much thought and focus put into them that I wonder how they found the time and ideas. Some of the larger, all-modeled parks like the Disney Project(s), the LOTR multi-map, Depot Circus, etc. are breath taking and the level of artistry is something I envy.

But then again, I'm a fan of Marcel's videos. Even if his designs are intended to be vanilla and scenario friendly, the detailed understanding of the ride quirks helps me in my parks. His ride stat requirements and excitement rating Reddit pages are bookmarked and I refer to his ride type videos repeatedly. I was fascinated by his recent scenario speedrun and think the (seemingly growing) speedrunning group is going to challenge the community to create new scenarios and more difficult options.

Another thing I see a lot is ride makers. Some people just excel at layouts. I'm think I'm pretty good at laying out my coasters, but then I'll run across something on RCTGo and marvel at how smooth the transitions are how tight the footprint is. But they don't just look good - they have killer stats. The game pulls you in a lot of directions and there are becoming less and less "wrong" ways to play; just different departments of the same university.

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