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Features removed in Update?

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Hi,Sorry if this was already posted I did some searching and couldn't find this issue as this has just happened yesterday and not sure when you guys updated the build.Yesterday I clicked update on my launcher then started the game. I noticed in the cheat menu that remove building height restrictions have been removed, the all modes for all rides where you can select any operation mode for any ride or coaster has been removed (Which is very important to me as I have and will need to continue to create coasters of certain types as launch mode ect.), and reset crashes where it resets that coasters have crashed has been removed too. The cheat menu seems to have changed where things are ect. Not sure if other options have been removed in the game including holding the cheat button to show a drop down list of options. Can you guys please put those options back into the game or how I get them back in the game if they are hidden somewhere else?

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I'm not sure which you mean exactly. From your post I understand your scenario has the option enabled that prevents you from building over a certain height. If that's the case, you can open the scenario options (under the Debug menu), and deselect the checkbox for this restriction.View imageIn case you mean that you cannot build high enough, there's a cheat right under the cheat menu option for it, here:View image

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@Broxzier see I think you have a older build. That is exactly what I used to do. I think you have a older build because your cheat menu icon is different.This is my cheat IconView image See my Icon for cheats is now a Trophy and it simply wont let me click and hold down the button for more options. I also noticed there is no speed up staff or disable vandalism either and there is probably be more but just in general not as many options.Here are my new Cheat menu options and they have been changed. View imageView imageView imageView imageUnless I'm doing something wrong but I don't even think its possible to have a updated build then have it downgrade because before I clicked update I had the other cheat menu. Now I have this one and I have never reverted back to any other build since I was playing before I clicked update, Although I don't think clicking update really did anything since I saw that I have selected to automatically update my game when I open the game. Is this maybe because I maybe switched from the development build option to stable build option and I just didn't know that's what happened? I'm currently using a stable build and I think that's what I have always been using but I could be wrong.

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