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ORCT 2 - "Magyar" / Hungarian language

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Hey Runelaenen,Just out of curiousity. I saw that the game has a Hungarian language feature, and it was like 10-20% done. I would like to ask how serious are you and the developement team about translating the game into this language? Because I am a Hungarian, and maybe if you need help with this I can lend a hand in the translation. :)

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Hi!Sure you can start translating your language file locally and once you're done and happy with your translation you can submit it here:https://github.com/OpenRCT2/LocalisationIf you have any questions, here is the official chat about OpenRCT2 localisation:https://gitter.im/OpenRCT2/Localisation

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Well, it's natural to help the game's developement! :) However I had some problems with it. Because of the Hungarian language, some sentences were troublesome to translate. I guess If I post my issues to the chat, the main translator guys will anserw, am I right? :)

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