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Shorten Corkscrews so they start/end on a tilted and banked track piece


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I would love if the corkscrew element could start/end on a tilted and banked track piece so there are more (smooth) possibilities how to add other track pieces to it:

Black and red: currently possible tracks

White and yellow: what would be possible with the change of the corkscrews.





Happy to hear your thoughts!

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As you can see in your screenshots, the tilting and banking don't exactly match. It would therefore require a new, shortened corkscrew piece to exist alongside the current corkscrews (deforming the current corkscrew piece would look weird for full corkscrews). There are other new track pieces that are currently being worked on, so maybe once those are complete...

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Just catching up on this: Same also ofcourse is valid vor the new Zero-G-Rolls. Although I love this element and I'm very happy to see this in the game, I don't understand why the same "mistake" was taken over to this track piece as I suppose it was needed to create and draw it from scratch anyway. The need of inserting the red track piece shrunks down the possible smooth layouts by a lot. The bank angle and slope of my supposed shortened track piece seems almost identically to a banked slope piece, it's just off-centered by some inches. 

Please don't get me wrong: I really love and appreciate how much voluntary work all of you developers and designers put into oRCT2! I just think it's these things which would bring the coaster creation process on a whole new level as by then the perfect balance would be reached for the coaster design process in terms of easy-to-handle and number of possibilities. If anyone has the knowledge and capability to do this, that would be awesome! 



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