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No sound effects when the game is paused.

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I don't know how it happened, but suddenly now when the game is paused the little click sound effects that usually accompany any button presses are missing. They're there when it's unpaused. When re-checking the Sound checkbox in the options during pause they come back but only until the next time the game is paused. Then they're missing again.What can I do to get them back or get you more information about this bug?

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Uhm, you mean you accidentally posted in the wrong topic?Anyways, new issue: The rain sound effect keeps playing when the game is paused. It's not unpleasant, it's just different from the original game and maybe unintended.Can everyone open such an issue on github? Should I do that in the future when I notice any bugs?

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Nice catch. You can post them to GitHub here (you can get there by clicking on the !-icon on the right). Before posting an issue just make sure there's no other issue targeting the exact same thing.I'll let you post it so you learn how it works. It's probably a good idea to mention issue #2065 (the one I made for you earlier).

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