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Block Brakes on side-friction rollercoasters


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It would be fun if side-friction rollercoasters CAN have Block Brakes like the more contemporary rollercoasters have, that could save the carts from crashing into eachother while going into station!



I even would like if the reverser coaster could draw Block Brakes too so that the carts don't crash into eachother, that could save the brakes failure defect & save some riders!

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Forgot the P in "contemporary"
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23 minutes ago, Gymnasiast said:

The Side-Friction roller coaster is from the 1890s. Having block brakes on it is about as unrealistic as a Roman soldier with a smartphone. 😉

Yeah, but you might imagine having carts stop on block brakes like on any modern rollercoaster & i would like to see that happening, but i still agree about Roman soldiers with smartphones! =l

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