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Some saves immediately crash after loading

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A lot of my save are corrupt. The corrupt saves will load the however I immediately get an error which says:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Assertion failed!Program: ...\user\Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\openrct2.dllFile: ..\src\world\map_animation.ccLine: 99Expression: obj-> type < MAP_ANIMATION_TYPE_COUNT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Then I get to choose three options: abort, retry, and ignore. However choosing each of them results in OpenRCT crashing and closing. The weird thing if I start another save which fully works and I pause the game and load one of the corrupt saves I'm able to access the save but when I unpause the game it results in the same crash. I might corrupt the save by saving while the game is paused and making OpenRCT more buggy with the building while paused option enabled. Also I use the most recent development build.Thanks!

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