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My latest large map park

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Gday All,

Map size isn't the max size, but what used to be the max size (254x254) minus 3 tiles (If I remember right). I like the large maps, they give heaps of room for custom tracks. My parks are for fun, no as a "business", so there is no money involved. In this park some of the tracks are pre-builds, a lot are pure custom for that map. I frequently use one cheat for ride creation, "lift chain on any track piece". This has meant faster (8Kph) water rides, and so on. It also allows for things like upward spirals, vertical lifts, things like that. Purely just for fun.  :)

I do find though, that large maps mean that you will frequently get the "Guests are getting lost or stuck" message, even with a straight forward grid pathing. I suspect this is due to it taking too long for guests to get where they want to go. I assume this is due to the limits of the AI and game engine, this isn't a complaint though, it's a fact of life with this game.  :)

I hope some will find this post interesting and maybe even grab the park for a better look.  :)


Fantastic Funland 2022-04-09 09-46-50.png

Fantastic Funland 2022-04-09 09-47-28.png

Fantastic Funland 2022-04-09 09-47-52.png

Fantastic Funland 2022-04-09 09-48-13.png

Fantastic Funland 2022-04-09 09-48-36.png


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