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Certain sounds are too quiet/non-existant

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Hey y'all,

I am pretty sure I remember this being a long pet-peeve for me as some of the sounds are barely audible for me in OpenRCT2 compared to RCT2. Here is a list:

(*) - too quiet

(%) - inaudible

- Toilet splashing sounds (%)

- Clicking on buttons (*)

- Water ride splashes (*)

If you want me to make a video to explain what I mean, let me know 


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On 07/03/2022 at 23:29, ExCrafty said:

@Xardoz, I think you're showing your potential age there, with that user name.  :)  Shaun Connery would be pleased.  :) 

...... And yes, I'm showing my age as well.  :P 

Haha, I'm maybe not as old as the movie, but not too young too :) Glad to see some people got the ref ;D
Age is in the mind, never think something else ;)

Concerning topic, I came back to report that someone seems to have found where the issue was from, and someone else a potential fix !


I'm very happy to see this issue potentially finally solved :D


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