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Attraction Limit

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Hey Guys,Currently installing this and I am very excited about this project (hoping that it will be as succesfull as openTTD). I have a question, is there an attraction limit just like in the original? If so, are they ways to disable it? Or are you going to disable it?Greets,Ricoow

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I've never actually came across the attraction limit before, but like it was discussed before, if thibngs are changed dramaticvally then the save files wouldn't be cross compatible with the standard game, at least that's what I think.That said I'm just weighing in my opining, Run will be able to tell you better.

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If there's a limit, the save file structure will most likely need to be changed (where else would the 255 come from?) to remove the limit (just like the banners). With the limitations of the current save files, changing to our own save format will happen someday, but the focus of the project is now on decompiling the game, fixing bugs, occasionally add a feature that doesn't change huge parts of the game and eventually making it a standalone game with its own graphic and sound set. So the answer you're looking for is: Not yet.(I'm not a dev, so this is based on what I remember from what others have said earlier)

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At The moment this limit of 255 rides/stalls is still active. If I understand correctly, this can be changed as soon as everything is decompiled (so... Not very soon, but still in the foreseeable future) because it's how the original game does its memory management.So, tldr, it's not here yet, but it will be changed in The future. (Just like with most of The other game-changing things)

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