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Apogee Oasis- Unwinable?


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I have no idea whether it's possible or not. It's not an official scenario, so don't expect support on that part from the OpenRCT2 team. If you believe it's impossible, contact the author of the scenario.

You can try using the ride price manager plugin for optimal pricing, putting down more ATMs/cash machines and filling the empty spots with even more rides (preferable of ride types you don't have yet, as rides you only have one of get a small value boost). If you have a lot of very old rides, you might want to close them for a moment to refurbish them so they'll make a bit more profit in the next months. How much profit do you make currently?

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I am at about 29k. I was going to refurbish when i get closer to the goal. But have already refurbished everything once. I have been manually fixing the prices on all rides. I kinda prefer no plug ins and i don't use any cheats. Well i will use the one that sets all rides to 10 minutes because i don't feel that is a cheat something i could do manually just don't wanna 😛


I am adding rides all the time. I will post this on the thread that shows progress when my video is up on youtube. But honestly i am gonna give that park a break for a while it is infuriating me.


Thanks for your advice. I will do all except that plugin. :)

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