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Is Windows Client to Linux Server Connectivity Possible?

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Hey, peeps!

If this is a repeat post, my apologies, but I've searched with no luck...

I set up an Ubuntu machine in AWS last night, installed RCT2 and OpenRCT2 and got a server running. It works very well, except when trying to connect to the game server from a local Windows machine. It gives the error saying the network versions have to be the same. So, I installed the game on a local Ubuntu virtual machine and I can connect from it to my AWS game server with no issues. I installed the latest version,

I was going to install an older version of the Debian packages just for testing purposes, but I can't find where to actually download an older package. I did search in https://openrct2.org/downloads/releases/latest and I ran "apt search openrct2" from my terminal, but it looks like there's just the one package in the nightly repository. Is there another repo I could grab packages from?


Most importantly, is it even possible to connect a Windows machine game to a server running on Linux? I can't seem to find a Linux version that matches a Windows version, but maybe I'm blind 🦇


Thanks in advanced!

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