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Error given when starting OpenRCT2

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I play OpenRCT2 on Manjaro Linux, i was doing some other stuff with a custom scenario and needed to open the game with the terminal so i could use some OpenRCT2 commands. I am greeted with this error upon starting the game from the command line, it doesnt seem to affect anything but i was curious what was going wrong here and if i could fix it.

ERROR[/build/openrct2/src/OpenRCT2-0.3.4/src/openrct2/drawing/Drawing.Sprite.cpp:358 (gfx_load_csg)]: Unable to load csg graphics


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IIRC, csg is a file containing RCT1 graphics. Please verify whether your linked RCT1 installation is correct. If you installed RCT1 from disk, you need to copy the data directory from disk to the data directory in your RCT1 installation (as it is only partly copied by installing RCT1 and OpenRCT2 wants a file that is not copied by default).

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