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Error on start, blackscreen on alt tab

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Hello, i have been dealing with some minor issues that I was hoping to get some help with.

I use windows 7 64 bit

When I start the game, i get a warning (see first image). I can play the game but no matter if I disable or enable these privileges, the message remains. Maybe i overlooked something.

When the game starts it shows a black and white screen, where the logos are supposed to be. (see second image)
Minor issue all things considered but I wonder if there is a solution.

On alt tabbing out of the game, and going back though, the game has a black screen. (see third image).
Background noises remain, the game still works as I can click on invisible items, pause or mute the game, build rides (without seeing anything), but i cannot get rid of it. Only using task manager can I manage to get out that screen. Any hints?

message rct2.jpg

Black screen.jpg

Black screen 2.jpg

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