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  1. Hello, thanks for reaching out. Did you check if the number of sold on ride photos rises steadily or does it remain the same? You can also upload your park with the ride in it, so we can take a look at it.
  2. Thanks. I tried file recovery, nothing came up. I reverted to the last stable build and turned on autosave again. Well, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.
  3. v0.3.4.1 (97ded2d on develop) provided by GitHub Windows (x86-64) So while trying to save my park the game crashed and now my save file is corrupted. Is there anything I can do about it? I spent many hours on it and I really don't wanna start over again. BTW no crash dump as the develop version could not create one. No autosave, as this function kept crashing the game every time it tried to create one. 😭 Six Flags Helsinki.sv6
  4. The message is still correctly incorrect. The support limit of the river rapids is capped by 10.5m, yet your highest point is 15m. If you achieved this by altering the terrain, please be advised that altered terrain gets not saved with the ride when you save your ride. Only the scenery and paths do. You need to alter the terrain in this very specific spot, which is very hard to do or alter the ride in the track's designer. Alternatively, you can disable the supports limit in the cheats' menu.
  5. Hello there! This is a thread combining some of the most frequently asked questions and known issues. Windows: Solution: Turn on User Account Control. Refer to ticket 7779 for more information. Solution: Refer to ticket 15076 for this issue. While trying to place a prebuilt ride, this message appears. If you did not try to place it outside your park, this message refers to "Too high for supports". Refer to ticket 15151 for more information. If you experience this please update to the newest development build. MacOS: Solution: How To: report a bug/problem you found: Provide the build. This can be found on the left-hand side of the title screen: Provide OS-Version. Provide screenshots and/or step-by-step instructions in order for the devs to recreate it. Upload the save game that's affected. Experiencing crashes/freezes? Try to give the devs some indication what you did before it happened. E.g.: Did you try to build something? Trying to zoom in/out? Does the crash/freeze occur regularly? Hope this helps! Will update this as new issues appear.
  6. Well, it crashes for me too, so I can validate that. I am unsure to what the problem is. No dump files are being created when it freezes. A developer has to look into this.
  7. Hi, I have not experienced this. Do you have an example of this behavior? Preferably a save game. Is there any common denominator, e.g.: The rides are old, have broken down before, etc. Does it only affect specific rides? Which version of OpenRCT2 are you using, which OS?
  8. There's this quote from the ticket: Hope that helps!
  9. Basically it means you don't run the OpenRCT2.exe with admin rights.
  10. Hello, I am sorry, but I can't reproduce this. Could you provide more information/steps for this problem? Thanks!
  11. Hello. There had been a bug issued for this a long time ago. Maybe it will help you: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7779
  12. Oh, I see. Never really played RCT1, don't know the scenarios by heart. This explains why there were no First Aid stalls or cash machines, as they weren't a thing in RCT1. I guessed it to be a custom scenario because of the loan interest of just 1%.
  13. Hi there! So I took a look at the first save file you provided and here are my impressions: Most of the rides lack a bit of excitement rating You have placed few sceneries or none at all There were no: First Aid stalls Cash Machines available. Sick guests won't go on rides until they don't feel sick again and just sit around doing nothing. To combat that, you can place the First Aid stalls. The guests will go in there and be cured "instantly" of their sickness. Charging for every ride means you need Cash Machines in your park. Many guests simply run out of money and as they cannot withdraw any more money, they'll just leave. You had about 1300 guests in your park and only five toilets. This meant 260 guests had to share a toilet. This was not enough. Also, I never charge a dime for the toilets. I know you can do it, but it's best practice to make it just for free. As for your "problem" with empty queues: You frequently had 2-3 trains on very short coasters. That means your throughput is very high. But there was no demand for that. So the queues were empty. Reducing the trains to just one per ride is mostly enough for smaller coasters. Fewer trains mean the queues are filling up more. As a side note: Having full queues is not desirable in every situation. Contrary to that, your queues for the monorail had been very long. Changing that to more trains is a much better way of keeping your guests moving around the park. The time they spent waiting on a monorail that costs 50 Cents is time lost they could spend on a coaster, drink or food. General observations: This was a custom scenario. I don't know if you made it yourself or just found it somewhere. If you made it yourself, I'd recommend the following settings for any further scenarios: Harder guest generation: I am not sure if you set this to true, but if so, you need to take into account what that actually means. I found an article about this here. It seems like you set the general nausea rating for the guests very low. This makes it a much more difficult scenario. With harder guest generations on and the nausea rating low, you'll eventually end up with a lot of vomit around your park. Having your crew members clean this up is a good thing, but as stated above, this means the guests have to spend time regenerating without the help of First Aid stalls. I am also unsure what the minimum starting cash of the guests was set to, but if they start with around $40 it'll be easily spent in a short time and with no cash machines, also as stated above, they'll run out of cash very fast. I don't know if they stay for much longer after they've run out, but the matter of fact is, that they cannot spend anymore. With harder guest generation on and guests leaving the park quickly again, it's very difficult to achieve a high number of guests in your park. Having more than one transport ride in your game is also pretty useless in attracting guests. These rides have low stats and your park is very tiny. The monorail is more than enough. No need for a chair lift. Place benches and litter bins everywhere! I mean it. So many guests are sick and can't sit anywhere. If they can sit for a while they won't puke. The park rating was very low, this was caused by many things, such as: Guests running out of cash Vomit on paths No scenery Coasters with low excitement rating No new guests will come to your park if you don't add anything new. With the harder guest generation on you'll practically need to build new coasters continuously. I've attached the save game file I played around with. You'll see I managed the goal of 2300 guests in your park. This is not a bug, it's just a very difficult scenario. Hope that helps! Southern Sands_V1.sv6
  14. Hello. There had been a bug issued for this a long time ago. Maybe it will help you: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7779.
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