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Frequent freeze / crash with v0.3.4.1

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. Since updating today I'm having frequent freezing issues ☹️

Building in track designer, got a windows prompt to quit the app. Occured twice.

Playing RCT1 scenarios, couldn't get anything to happen on freeze, would not display task manager or alt tab, only solution was to restart my machine from start menu using win key (thankfully taskbar was working). Occured three times.

Have tried all graphics options, frame capping and multithreading on/off. Hardware RTX2060s, Ryzen 5 3600.

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One track designer issue occured when I was joining the final straight track piece to station on a 1200m wooden coaster. Can't recall the other, sorry, but I was only working on wooden coasters yesterday when it happened. After relaunching the game I couldn't load my old coaster because I hadn't saved the design yet, but I rebuilt it and saved that one without any further crashes. The completed coaster wouldn't have been absolutely identical but I was trying to make a specific design so it would have been pretty close.

Scenario issue happened in Mel's World, I'm in year 2 with 1185 guests and in the middle of building a wooden wild mouse coaster. If I load back into the scenario the game freezes after about five seconds, even if I pan away from the half-built coaster and close any windows. I can definitely reproduce this because it happens every time I load my save game. On my way to this point in year 2 it also happened once or twice, though I don't recall the exact circumstances of that. There would have been less rides but that's about all I can offer for that.

I'd previously completed Pokey Park before Mel's World, with no issues. Pokey Park was after the track designer crashes. Today have completed Evergreen Gardens with no consequential issues, although I did have a big stutter once.

Hope that's helpful.

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I'm afraid I can't do that, perhaps because I'm a dumbass, but the "crash every time it loads" save was an autosave which has now been overwritten due to me playing other parks since the problem occurred.

I'll attach my Mel's World manual save from slightly earlier in the scenario, this opens and runs ok (as much as I can tell), but at the same time I am also certain I experienced a crash in this scenario at least once before I got the the point of this manual save. Perhaps the file may still contain some indicator of future doom..

I will continue to play from this point and if I get the same thing happen I'll be sure to make a manual save and upload that here. Sorry abut that..

Mel's World Deleted.sv6

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