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Experiencing some crashes

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Using the current version 0.3.4. I experience the following crashes:

  • Game crashes during autosave
  • Game crashes when trying to delete a sign
  • Game crashes when trying to place scenery (mostly big scenery like 4x4 or more)

The first two happen randomly. The last one happens every time I try to place some scenery. I do not use any custom scenery. It seems to affect mostly scenery that's big like 4x4 and mostly from the Time Twister or Wacky Worlds expansions.

I have a lot of dumps that are uploaded. But I am not sure if they are seen by anyone, so I made this post. I'll upload the most recent dump from my Time Twister scenario "Prehistoric - After the Asteroid".


I know this is project is made by volunteers and no one makes any money off of it. It's just hard playing the game when you never know when it's gonna crash and reset your progress. Thanks to everyone!

4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d(e0daac9_x86-64).dmp 4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d(e0daac9_x86-64).dmp.gz 4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d.ini 4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d.sv6 4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d.sv6.gz 4f76d9bc-ae07-4bdc-b8b6-93e3df3e3c3d.sv6r

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