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Strange Things in RCT Scenarios

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This thread is to catalogue oddities in RCT scenarios. Scenarios should designate which game or expansion they come from. RCT3 is allowed, but RCT1/2 is preferred. I'll start.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 - Katie's Dreamland: This park is a recreation of Lightwater Valley, a theme park located in North Yorkshire, England.

Loopy Landscapes - Big Pier 2: An Enterprise is present, despite not being accessible in Big Pier 1.

Big Pier 2 - Wacky Warren: The Classic Mini Roller Coaster uses Ladybug/bird Trains, which are used for Junior Roller Coasters.

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Loopy Landscapes - Thunder Rocks: This park is a duplicate of Thunder Rock from RCT1, Just with another rock

Wacky Worlds - Great Wall Of China Tourism Enhancement: Despite not being able to make changes to the base landscape, you are able to delete the pre-placed scenery. Thus, you can destroy the eponymous wall and the nearby temple. Not that it helps, because this scenario doesn't have money.

Time Twister - Robin Hood: The objective only requires 3-4 clicks to complete, as you can simply raise the price of Log Train Junior Coaster to 10$ (or respective currency), to achieve high ticket sales.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 - Forest Frontiers: A small mining operation is located in some of the buyable land.

Loopy Landscapes - Nevermore Park: The Classic Mini Roller Coaster uses Ladybug/bird trains which are used for Junior Roller Coasters.

Wacky Worlds - Ecological Salvage: You start with no money.

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