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Android - Scenery bug

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Hi everyone, 

First of all: it's amazing to see how this community has grown over the years. When the OpenRCT2 project started out, a friend and I were watching the process closely. Great!

I installend OpenRCT2 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. I use a bluetooth mouse to play the game, I think it's very convenient. There seems to be an issue while placing scenery. The issue appears with and without the mouse. When I click on a piece of land with my finger, it places an item such as an tree. When I drag my finger or the mouse across the screen, the issue in the image appears. 

When using a mouse, you can see what it'll look like before placing the scenery. This won't dissapear after you moved your mouse/finger. The problem appears in the v0.3.3 version.

I have no idea if I'm posting in the right topic, so if I'm wrong... please direct me to the right place. Thanks everyone!


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