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  1. Is there someone who can issue this problem in the issue tracker? I don't really know how the issue tracker works
  2. The Android version 3.4 works, but the issue hasn't been solved
  3. Android seems to work now, thanks!
  4. It doesn't seem to open after downloading the release on Android. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Didn't know that, thanks! I don't have the original APK file anymore, but it's the 0.3.3 version downloaded from the site: OpenRCT2-0.3.3-android-arm-1.apk
  6. Woud AArch64 be my build number?
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply! I can't seem to find the build number, I added a screenshot to this post. Hope it gives you the information you need
  8. Hi everyone, First of all: it's amazing to see how this community has grown over the years. When the OpenRCT2 project started out, a friend and I were watching the process closely. Great! I installend OpenRCT2 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. I use a bluetooth mouse to play the game, I think it's very convenient. There seems to be an issue while placing scenery. The issue appears with and without the mouse. When I click on a piece of land with my finger, it places an item such as an tree. When I drag my finger or the mouse across the screen, the issue in the image appears. When using a mouse, you can see what it'll look like before placing the scenery. This won't dissapear after you moved your mouse/finger. The problem appears in the v0.3.3 version. I have no idea if I'm posting in the right topic, so if I'm wrong... please direct me to the right place. Thanks everyone!
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