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My new park: Karbzworld


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This is my second ever megapark! I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, though compared to some of the other parks I've seen on here I clearly have a lot to learn.

Here's the current look of the park:


Here's an image from an earlier stage of production:1545645309_Karbzworld2021-05-2015-11-30.thumb.png.1122743727a457ebf38d2f66d60e0a8b.png

And here's a closer look at the only themed area I think turned out well, New Frontierland:



Anyways, I'm pretty much done with this park since I've run out of room to expand outward and the inherent path design of the park is flawed. I've moved on to expanding to a new map, with Karbzworld Africa. Here's the current, very early look at the map:1105062447_KarbzworldAfrica2021-05-2403-06-26.thumb.png.8c124880ef234a9278fa16aa54e8acce.png

I'm planning on expanding the paths outward and branching out more, with more looping paths than before.

Also, yes, the word Karbz is complete nonsense and was made up on the spot.

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