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Currently running version 0.3.3 and I am just playing regular RCT scenarios when after saving the game, the messages that appear at the bottom of the screen will not show up in the messages log. All messages that appeared before I hit save for the first time in a scenario will save in the log, but not the messages after a save. I have been giving it a few days and even though I've tried different scenarios, and restarted my computer many times over the past couple weeks, the issue persists. Its a little annoying. Any ideas as to what I could try to solve this?

ThirtyFirst Game.sv6

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There's this quote from the ticket:



@jamtraks If you have an Administrator account and have User Account Control on, applications are run with limited rights. Therefore, the message will vanish if you turn User Account Control back on. You can find the setting in the Control Panel, under Users.

User Account Control is enabled by default in all Windows versions that have it. It's not recommended to turn it off in the first place, and we are not going to promote dangerous behaviour. Turn it back on and you won't have to change anything else.


Hope that helps!

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