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Phantasia World

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Hello all! 

I would like to share my park with you.

It's a work in progress park.

Before openrct2 i lost an almost finished version and after discovering Openrct2 i thought let's try again :)

Welcome to Phantasia World !. Loads of things are not finished yet but the foundation is set. RA1.thumb.jpg.903d2e9d51e08eb51b087a7d289c4ddc.jpg

1.  Pirate Cove - Mostly finished 


2. Entrance & Royal Gardens - Mostly Finished 80719919_PhantasiaWorld2021-05-1310-54-15.thumb.png.35f6ba709030df60a8ebf41606378d8c.png1267468166_PhantasiaWorld2021-05-1310-51-14.thumb.png.385c66d74eab383bcafa4781568e265f.png

3. Ice themed area - Landscape mostly done1830575878_PhantasiaWorld2021-05-1310-53-03.thumb.png.a7a5bbd014b61e2f367083fd7ae87c36.png

4. Jurassic Themed Area - 30% done

5. Rocky Forest - For now mostly finished1911007640_PhantasiaWorld2021-05-1310-53-44.thumb.png.c7a0fc88f7a06e7b87cb891952d9d2e0.png

6. Steampunk/ Mining - Not started 

7. Egypt Themed Area - Landscape started 

8. Greek Themed Area - Landscape started + infra164834222_PhantasiaWorld2021-05-1318-28-33.thumb.png.782c36b170ba6960d16a50f8298cb59f.png

9. Wild West - Not Started 



Latest version download Save : Phantasia World update 13-05-2021.sv6

Or if you like to make your own Phantasia World(Empty map+ Parking lot Phantasia World Empty start.sc6

Please feel free to make your own adjustments.


Hope you like it please share your ideas !

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