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  1. Looks amazing! I personally dont use costum scenery but it looks really great. Especially making a nice looking roof can be a challenge wich u nailed it.
  2. @KorbynS Thanks mate for your support ! It will take a while to finish it but not being alone will be a big motivator haha. Also if anyone has ideas/can help with the ice themed area youre very welcome. I am a bit stuck there.
  3. Hello all! I would like to share my park with you. It's a work in progress park. Before openrct2 i lost an almost finished version and after discovering Openrct2 i thought let's try again :) Welcome to Phantasia World !. Loads of things are not finished yet but the foundation is set. 1. Pirate Cove - Mostly finished 2. Entrance & Royal Gardens - Mostly Finished 3. Ice themed area - Landscape mostly done 4. Jurassic Themed Area - 30% done 5. Rocky Forest - For now mostly finished 6. Steampunk/ Mining - Not started 7. Egypt Themed Area - Landscape started 8. Greek Themed Area - Landscape started + infra 9. Wild West - Not Started Latest version download Save : Phantasia World update 13-05-2021.sv6 Or if you like to make your own Phantasia World(Empty map+ Parking lot : Phantasia World Empty start.sc6 Please feel free to make your own adjustments. Hope you like it please share your ideas !
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