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Vehicle/Scenery Unavailable

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This seems like an old problem that people haven't reported in a while, so I expect I have done something wrong!

ORCT2 Version: 0.32 Stable, portable zip, extracted to standalone folder.
RCT1: GOG Version, Complete
RCT2: GOG Version, Tripple Thrill Pack

I have set the RCT1 path correctly, and ORCT2 has loaded the relevant scenarios (see attached) and rollercoasters. I am however getting an error that cars/scenery cannot be found. I am also getting some odd visual errors (see attached with red/white textures).

Does anyone know what's up?


Note: Absolutely amazing work on ORCT2; I don't know how it was done but I love it!





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I see nothing odd on the screenshots. For Loup-Garou, the cars and scenery are not available in that particular scenario. It wil probably load fine in other scenarios (try six flags belgium). Crazy Caterpillar simply includes some scenery that is colored red and white, if you don't like it, click the temple in the bottom right.

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