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  1. Thanks jensj12, you're a legend - I didn't realise that vehicles/scenery was specific to a given scenario! And the toggle temple button - genius! Ok just your usual PEBCAK issue here.
  2. This seems like an old problem that people haven't reported in a while, so I expect I have done something wrong! ORCT2 Version: 0.32 Stable, portable zip, extracted to standalone folder. RCT1: GOG Version, Complete RCT2: GOG Version, Tripple Thrill Pack I have set the RCT1 path correctly, and ORCT2 has loaded the relevant scenarios (see attached) and rollercoasters. I am however getting an error that cars/scenery cannot be found. I am also getting some odd visual errors (see attached with red/white textures). Does anyone know what's up? Note: Absolutely amazing w
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