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unlimited amount of people in park? unlimited rides? more than 12 weeks of advertising.

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I have been a fan of the original game since I was a kid.i came  across open rct2 on YouTube.sorry im so late to the game..any way to max the advertisting,unlimited workers and guests in the park.and remove the limit of number of rides aloud thanks.i like to use the advertising to get as much people in my park as possible 

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There's a limit of 10000 entities in total (including guests, staff, and coaster cars). There is also a limit of 256 rides on the map. These limits can only be removed with the new save format (which is still in an experimental stage), as SV6 files don't have any room for more data - although the new format isn't truly unlimited either, it just greatly increases the limits.

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Hi, sorry for bumping up (rather than creating a new thread about this).

My GF and I love this game, especially with OpenRCT2 that makes the impossible possible. We have been waiting for "the newly created format" as we hit the limit 3 times in different parks (been playing together via multiplayer since 2019). I hope it will happen sooner or later.

Thanks for making the game more appealing. Keep up the good work.

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