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  1. yeah i appreciate them doing this and i hope it works thanks
  2. when does the new save format come out and where is it thanks...so excited
  3. is there an app or way to place rct2 open on iphone?
  4. i usually make long Queues lines for my rides...and i place tvs in the queue lines..any way they can add a one click add tvs to the whole line option? thanks
  5. bradg58

    Cedar Point

    wow impressive...I live about an hour from cedar point...good work
  6. I have been a fan of the original game since I was a kid.i came across open rct2 on YouTube.sorry im so late to the game..any way to max the advertisting,unlimited workers and guests in the park.and remove the limit of number of rides aloud thanks.i like to use the advertising to get as much people in my park as possible
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