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Bug/ Problem in generating stats/ test results

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Hi guys! I have a problem in generating stats/ test results of a roller coaster. It simply cannot complete the stats.

I have gone through a number of old threads about the same problem but still could not solve it on my own. It would be great if you can help me and take a look on my ride - Botanic Mine Train Coaster which I did not build with any cheats. 

Botany Breakers.sv6


Thanks a lot!:)

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Do you have any ride in your park that has yet to return to the station? Ride stats are calculated sequentially, so if one ride never gets stats, nothing built after that will either. See if there are any other rides that don't have stats yet and try closing them - the mine train coaster may not actually be the cause of the problem.

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The Botanic Mine Train is not getting stats because of the Botanic Submarine. Your Botanic Submarine layout crosses the Botanic River Raft Transit twice at the same height. These same height crossings result in unintentional track merges. If you check your save, you will see all 20 submarines are stacked up at the Botanic River Raft Transit station. Once you close the submarine, the Mine Train will get stats.

To fix the Submarines, you will need to tweak the layout of the submarines or the river rafts so that they don't cross with similar pieces. Having a straight track piece cross a straight track piece will merge, even if they're not the same direction.

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