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All Drawable Track Pieces Not Showing Up?

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I've been trying to build some junior coaster shuttles with steep track pieces and noticed that even with the "all drawable track pieces" turned on, all track pieces are not showing up like the did before. This issue is also occurring when trying to build the sweeping steep to level track pieces on inverted B&M and corkscrew coaster tracks. Everything was working prior to the latest update.

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues?

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You will have to use the classic mini coaster for the steep track pieces.


Also, when the "ride groups" were removed, the corkscrew coaster lost the ability to use large steep transition pieces, but they are still drawable. You just need to use the "Allow arbitrary ride type changes" cheat to do so - change the ride type to a hypercoaster to build the large steep pieces you want, and then switch back to the corkscrew coaster when you are building the other track elements.


I don't even recall inverted B&M coasters having large steep pieces anyway.

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