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Bug: putting park entrance before slope into park causes guest's to fall out of park

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I created a park that had a path slope up immediately after entering the park. and as I was playing, i noticed that the guest number would go up to one or two, then back to zero. when I looked; a guest entered the park and then fell through the terrain. from what I can see, the guests who enter your park travel to the center of the path immediately inside (or outside) the park after a true interaction with the park entrance, before going on with their day. I think this is the issue with it.

Attached an image below where you can see a guest falling through the terrain.1203581462_CoasterHaven2020-09-1314-49-36.thumb.png.32f686951f84cad76d30b5904eba075f.png

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I just tried you problem out on a park I have. Guests didn't drop through like yours, but they froze for a split second the moment they entered and started on the slope. I'd never noticed if my thing is normal or whether it's similar to your issue.

I have the latest Dev version (it updated as I launched the launcher. 0.3.0-201 ( couldn't get the rest as memory not that good.  :/


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