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Modifying Pre-loaded Track Design Files

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I have been attempting for quite a while now to modify track designs that come pre-packaged with the game files. However, whenever I attempt to do so, even if it something simple such as renaming the track, the game refuses to do so, stating "the file is write-protected", or something along those lines.


Is there any way to bypass this write protection so I can modify the tracks?
(If anyone is wondering why, I want to "correct" designs that have obvious flaws, or objects/paths etc. which I want to change/remove from the design.)

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This sounds like a file permissions issue. The original tracks are saved in a different place than those created by OpenRCT2, and that location might be one that your normal user account doesn't have write access to. If this is the case, you could either change the permissions or move the TD6 file to the OpenRCT2/object folder instead. Running OpenRCT2 with superuser privileges is not recommended, but would probably also work.

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To clarify, my files are from the steam versions of both RCT1 and 2. I looked into the properties of both associated folders and changed the permissions to "all" for all applications and all restricted applications. For some reason it would not let me change the permissions for "CREATOR OWNER" at all (yes its actually typed in all caps in my PC. I did not just do that here).

I have a feeling I am missing a detail somewhere, or its just not possible to do what I am trying to do.

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