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[SOLVED] Can't import RCT1 content / Options keep resetting

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Hey folks,

I spent about an hour looking for a solution to my problem(s) in this forum but I came up with nothing. So here's the thing, I already had the RCT Deluxe version and the RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack from gog.com on my computer and then I installed the most recent build of openRCT2. At this point I have two major issues I can't seem to get fixed

First I noticed that every time I start the openrct2 the settings in the options box seemed to reset themselves, as it always starts on window mode along with other changes I made before. Same goes for theme music selection, openGL rendering and so on.

the second thing is that openrct2 doesn't import the scenarios and rides from my rct1 deluxe game. It took the correct folder from the rct1 installation (C:\GOG Games\RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe) but it seems not to be able to locate the actual data. I then copied the entire game folder to C:\RCT and changed the path in the advanced settings accordingly. after I restarted openrct2 it had reset that path to the "old" gog games folder and still i wasn't able to see the rct1's scenarios in the new game menu. Both problems didn't change after re-installing all three games. 

At this point i'm totally lost and I'd really appreciate any help on these matters 

thanks and greetings 


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If the options keep resetting, it means that the game is unable to write to your documents directory. Check whether the game has all permissions to do so.

For the steam version of RCT1, you need to point to the RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe install directory inside the directory you pointed out. Not sure if the same thing holds for the gog version of the game.

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Thanks jensj12 for the quick reply. I checked again with the permissions and so on and well now I feel like a n00b... stupid antivirus software restricted access to the main executable file and prohibited it from altering any other files without noticing me. I had to put the exe file on some white list and now it all seems to be working nicely.

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