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Guest's preferred ride intensity continuously increasing? Is this a bug?

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I always assumed that a guest's preferred ride intensity was (supposed to be) fixed the moment the guest was generated. While playing Woodworm Park today, I was observing this guest named Owen. When I first started observing him, his preferred ride intensity was described as "between 1 and 4." He was thinking that the Wooden Wild Mine Ride was too intense for him and went to go on the gentle rides. A few rides later, he's much happier and I check his stats again. Now it says his preferred ride intensity is "between 1 and 8." I think "He's happier now, high happiness does cause guests to try rides outside their preferred intensity range." He decides to go on the big wooden roller coaster. I check back later, he's slightly less happy (it's been raining), and now it says his preferred ride intensity is "between 1 and 12." Clearly there's something else going on here. Is a guest's preferred ride intensity actually supposed to increase like that over time, or is there some bug?

I did have the guest flagged to show messages when he gets on and off rides, buys stuff etc., so I know it's the same guest.

I'm running build v0.2.6-0f92c3b in Windows 10.


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