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  1. What directory is your Steam library installed to? It's normally not on your desktop. Usually it's something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe
  2. Hello peeps! I am an original owner of RCT1 and CF+LL on disc. I got back into RCT just before stay-at-home started in my state (I was inspired by Marcel's videos), and I figured OpenRCT2 would be the way to go because of the added features and because it runs great on modern operating systems and monitors.
  3. I think it would make sense if certain water rides, particularly the Log Flume, Dinghy Slide, River Rapids, and Splash Boats, count as "indoor" rides so guests will go on them while it's raining. After all, guests are going to get wet on these rides anyways! (Is this too cheaty though?) Boat Hires shouldn't attract guests during rain, because boating in the rain is a bad idea.
  4. I'm currently playing through Thunderstorm Park and I built a Swinging Ship (the regular kind, not the inverter) underground in the big pyramid using the shift key to sink it into the ground. However, every time it rains, my guests still think "I'm not going on [Pirate Ship 1] while it's raining" and the ride's popularity drops to 0%. EDIT: Burying the ride doesn't work for some other flat rides like the Twist/Scrambled Eggs either. Haven't tried all flat rides yet. I'm running build v0.2.6-7e7b158 on Windows 10. I know I buried flat rides in previous builds, but I never paid attention to how effective that was. I haven't tried this in vanilla or Classic.
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