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Making Custom Glass

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I'm pretty decent with the object editor, but one thing I never understood was making glass.  Whenever you open a scenery object that has glass, the glass is invisible.  I'm guessing it's the pink and green brushes that make themselves available when you select the "glass" scenery option.  But when you paint with them it's invisible.  So do you just kind of have to guess where you're painting?  Thanks

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Answer: once you have selected "Glass" in the SubType in the top left corner of the object editor, there will be 2 frames available to you in the top right corner.  The first frame can be used to create the board of the glass should you want one.  The second frame allows you to place the glass itself.  However, the glass will not look translucent in the object editor, only in game once the object has been added to your object folder.

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