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Mini golf: pretty insane running cost

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I've just noticed how expensive it is to run a mini golf course, [attachment], especially when compared to a much bigger and more complex rollercoaster.

This makes it unexpectedly hard to run such a course making a profit.

I consider this obviously disproportional, and even a bug, and assume this to be from the original game. Would changing this be within the possibilities of OpenRCT2? I haven't found any running cost related entries in rct2.golf1.json…



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1 hour ago, chewey said:

running cost related entries in rct2.golf1.json…

It's not in the JSON file, it would be in the source code somewhere (probably in RideData.cpp but I haven't checked). Changing it is definitely within the scope of OpenRCT2 but if it was indeed this way in vanilla I'd question whether it's really a bug; you could open a PR for it and see what they say.

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