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  1. My apologies – I now realise that my post reads much harsher than I intended it to be. It was meant to convey my exasperation (I've encountered exactly this "never mind" thing way too often recently). I didn't intend to be or appear uncivil at all. Sorry.
  2. For f*s sake! PLEASE mention what your solution is, even if you consider it an easy or obvious one! There's nothing worse than finding forum entries for a problem one encounters where the only reply is a version of "never mind, I fixed it".
  3. I've just noticed how expensive it is to run a mini golf course, [attachment], especially when compared to a much bigger and more complex rollercoaster. This makes it unexpectedly hard to run such a course making a profit. I consider this obviously disproportional, and even a bug, and assume this to be from the original game. Would changing this be within the possibilities of OpenRCT2? I haven't found any running cost related entries in rct2.golf1.json…
  4. Ah, thank you. I had looked for an existing github issue, but apparently my search terms sucked. No idea how I manged to miss "pricing", sorry.
  5. Inspired by this tool from next door: How about a cheat option that makes ride prices automatically adjust to the maximum price peeps are willing to pay?
  6. There are - occasionally but regularly - graphical bugs where rides clip through scenery (or the other way around). I assume most of them to be original bugs, but can't verify that due to lack of Windows. I'd be happy to report those as bugs on github. How would the devs like this reporting to be done so that it makes the most sense for them? One report per scenery/ride pairing, or a "group bug", or something else entirely? At least one class of those bugs might very well have a common cause somewhere: When clipping only occurs while a ride vehicle moves somewhere close by.
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