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Question about dev priority

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We can see many fix and great features in each version of OpenRct2, how does the dev team decide to implement a feature or a fix ?

Do you try to fix existant/new bug, or deploy minor feature, in a perspective to implement major feature in a new version ?

And if you have a "roadmap", can we consult it somewhere ?

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We don't really plan what to work on. We all decide what we want to work on personally. An exception are breaking bugs - these need to be addressed before a new version can be released.

There is a roadmap on our wiki, but it's outdated. Currently, the upcoming big thing is the plug-in system, which makes it easy to write new functionality for OpenRCT2. After that, we hope to release a new save format, which should help getting rid of several limits that are currently still enforced by the SV6 file format.

Meanwhile, we're also busy refactoring the code, which should improve its structure and reduce the likelihood of bugs occurring in the future.

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