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Hey, since the developers are aware of the two issues associated with the manually adjust ride ratings capability, how about they develop and release a fix for that; one that allows the user keyed ratings to stay in place and allows the user to continue keying their own ride ratings for other rides in the same park without the game reverting the ratings to what the game rates the rides and allows all user ratings to follow the ride to the saved file and still be in place when the user installs the saved tracks into a park. That would be very empowering for users especially since openrct2 doesn't work with Trainers like the classic rollercoaster tycoon series did.

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Why did you post this on both Reddit and here within 13 minutes of each other? If you think that gets you an answer quicker, you're wrong. The only thing that's going to achieve is making people irritated.


how about they develop and release a fix for that;

Not sure if this is intentional, but you're coming across INCREDIBLY entitled here. This is a free game, developed by unpaid people. We don't appreciate it if you talk to us like that.

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Ah good day everyone, to be fair, the issue wasn’t acknowledged and remedied when it was brought up on the openRCT2 site by another user ages ago. I’ve read the last two change logs and didn’t see the fix included. So it appears it was missed. Spare me the psycho analysis, until you’ve experienced the same issue and want to be part of the crusade - there’s not much conversation to be had. Oh, please and thank you to the developers.  Be well everyone 

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