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Year 91 Park, 7k guests


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Been on this park for a few years now on and off, started it off on vanilla RCT 2 and in the past 2 years been on Open RCT2.

Finally decided it might be time to call it a day after expanding the park and maxing out the ride limits.

Im a personal fan of keeping everything quite congested, hence all the tree's and large buildings, as well as having 2 rides with 400ft drops, thought id give it a share


Future Town 2020-04-12 18-44-08.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-49-27.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-49-54.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-50-08.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-50-47.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-51-12.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-51-43.png

Future Town 2020-04-12 18-52-22.png

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