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  1. I normally use the vehicle cheat to do this. The problem is that the karts are not neatly next to each other after the race. Sometimes one remains outside the station and the next race does not start.
  2. The full park would be cool!
  3. Nice park! Is it available for download?
  4. Hello, from what i can remember i was using the sandbox tool to own the edges of the map. At the Railway there where some unowned pieces. After that i stopped playing. Next time this happened.
  5. Oops, sorry! Here's a new try Efteling Pleasure City.sv6
  6. Hi, Since today i can't remove any landscape with the tool. Also i can't place any roofs on the ground. Can't reproduce it on other savegames then the one i attach. Could someone please check for me what is happening?
  7. Hi, Today i opened a savegame and after a few seconds OpenRCT2 crashes complete. Got the following error in the image. Pressing Retry stoppes OpenRCT2. Anyone an idea of the cause and how to solve it? Regards, TwingyTwingy Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.SV6
  8. Hi all, Since a few days one of my parks is crashing almost instantly when i open it. Here is a link: https://we.tl/ozR6XQYCyl The game just freezes and Windows detects that is not running anymore. Unfortunaly it doesn't create a log file. Anyone who can help me? Doesn't seem to occur to other saved games. Regards, TwingyTwingy
  9. Hi! You guys are doing a great job with this whole project. I have an idea. With Son of Beast trainer you could maximize the needings of guest, for happiness, Bathroom etc and then Frees it. In OpenRCT it is possible to maximize it, but not to frees it. Any plans for this in the future?
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