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Dev preferences for clipping bug reports?

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There are - occasionally but regularly - graphical bugs where rides clip through scenery (or the other way around).

I assume most of them to be original bugs, but can't verify that due to lack of Windows.

I'd be happy to report those as bugs on github.

How would the devs like this reporting to be done so that it makes the most sense for them? One report per scenery/ride pairing, or a "group bug", or something else entirely? At least one class of those bugs might very well have a common cause somewhere: When clipping only occurs while a ride vehicle moves somewhere close by.

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Didn't get a definitive answer from the rest of the team, so I will decide myself: try grouping the bug reports based on what you think has the same cause. When in doubt, it's better to have two reports about the same thing than one reports about two distinct problems.

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