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3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

what exactly does it do?

It will automatically download and install the latest build of OpenRCT2 if there has been an update since you last played the game, and then launch the game. It's just a helper tool to keep the game up to date (since updates are frequent) - the version of OpenRCT2 that you get is the same one you would get downloading directly from the website. It also lets you switch between develop and release builds easily.

As for installation, I think you just unzip the folder and run the executable, but I haven't actually used it in a long time, there might be some additional step.

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3 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

Do I lose my save games each time I update openrct2?


No, you shouldn't lose any savegames unless you explicitly delete them. The launcher will overwrite the openrct2.exe executable and the OpenRCT2 data files, but not the user data like scenarios, track designs or custom objects.

If you are changing the OpenRCT2 data files (this means g2.dat and/or the JSON objects), you'll want to either keep them separate from the launcher or not use the launcher at all, but you shouldn't need to change them unless you're adding new features to the game.

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